Prof.a Graziella Bettini

Vice President
Giovanni Scotti

Dott. Paolo Roberto Omizzolo

Scientific Director
Prof. Camillo Brezzi


Title I


Article 2
The Institute is located in Arezzo (AR), Viale No Citizens 33, at the premises of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Siena, Department of Arezzo, in the capitals of the region will be established Regional Sections.

Article 3
The Historical Institute of the Autonomous Military Strength of Italians abroad serves the purpose of:

a) treating the systematic search and reorganization of all documents, publications and memorabilia of interest to military units, formations and military elements, however, individuals who have participated in the Italian Resistance Abroad;
b) collect the testimonies of participants in the fight, Italians and foreigners;
c) publish Papers, Monographs, Essays in historical criticism-based sources properly screened, as well as documents of particular importance;
d) give life to the ideal values ​​that have animated and sustained the strength abroad and the Italian contribution to the cause of freedom;
e) to establish contacts with similar organizations abroad and the State Archives of the countries of interest;
f) to promote cultural events, historical premiums, openings circles etc. ...

Article 4
May become ordinary members of the Association subject, natural or legal persons, associations and other entities recognized or not, interested in all aspects of Military Strength of Italians Abroad and anyone who shares the aims set out in this statute.

Article 5 Members are admitted at their request the admission of a member f is determined by a simple majority in the Board.
The application must contain full name, date and place of birth, residence, nationality and profession of the aspiring member.
The same question will be examined by the Steering Committee, which will decide in the first meeting following the date of submission thereof and not later than sixty days from the date of submission.
Association Membership status is lost, as well as in the cases provided by law in the following cases and for the following circumstances:
a) death or resignation of the member resigned at least three months before the end of the year;
b) inability of the member to contribute to the achievement of social goals;
c) Failure to comply with the provisions contained in the articles or in legal proceedings taken by collective bodies of the Association;
d) failure to perform, in the absence of justified reasons, the obligations, even economic, employed in any capacity to the Association, subject to the right of the Association to act for the realization of the claim. It is for the Board of Directors, in certain cases the causes provided by law and this Statute, declare, state the reasons for the exclusion of the active member.
This decision must be communicated to the member by registered letter stated excluded.
Against that decision may be filed, within ten days of receipt of the letter itself, the Board of Auditors, which will act as the Arbitration Board, which will decide with final decision.